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Project Manager
Position:  Project Manager Quantity:  Several
Office:  Shenzhen Age:  25岁以上
Province:  广东 Professional  建筑
Date:  2010/9/25 Valid Date:  03 01, 2010
Foreign Language:  六级以上 Job Specification:  全职
Sex:  男 Diploma:  本科以上
Duty Requirements:

Work Duty
1. Assure all workers who joined construction work understand craft requirements and construction plans.
2. Make suitable settlement to buyer’s changing requirements during construction.
3. Have suitable project payment plan and make good use of materials.
4. Control material cost, material quality, quality check, safe production, construction speed and so on.

Position Requirements
1. Decoration project manager experience over 1 year
2. Ready for frequent business trip
3. Good team work spirit and communication ability
4. Having basic steel construction experience will be the first.

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